The prospects of the Spanish residential real estate market in 2022

Experts of the majority of large real estate agencies operating in the Spanish residential real estate market, looking at the year 2022 with optimism and expect a return to the “pre-pandemic” level (according to the survey company Advancing such there are 77%). Based on the current situation, there is a good reason to be optimistic.

First of all, it concerns the growth in the number of purchase and sale transactions, which should exceed 550 thousand. Last but not least, it may be influenced by a moderate rise in housing prices in Spain (on average – no more than 5% year-on-year), thanks to which they remain among the most affordable in the entire European Union.

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Improved sanitary-epidemiological situation and the opening of borders (it is expected that with the recognition of the EU vaccine Sputnik-V “they will open and for potential buyers from Russia) should also have a positive effect on market recovery. On the other hand, during the pandemic, remote purchase of housing in Spain is quite widespread, and the development of modern digital technology will help to improve this experience. In the experience of Estate Barcelona company we can safely say that such transactions are easy, safe and most comfortable for both parties, thanks to the work of highly qualified professionals of our company.

For Estate Barcelona company the past 2021 year was successful, because we learned how to react effectively to all changes and make right decisions in the most unexpected situations, as well as how to organize effective work on remote transactions and residence permits’ registration. We hope that 2022 will bring us only good news, will open the borders between all countries, and we will be able to work not only online, but also in person, meeting with clients from around the world!

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