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It is known that British education belongs to one of the most quoted on the market. Therefore, every year thousands of students from all over the world come to the educational institutions of the United Kingdom. According to experts, the years 2020 and 2021 will not be an exception. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the fluctuating severity of the quarantine, most students who became students of British universities, decided to start their academic year on time.

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The top universities in the country today are:

King’s College London
University of Edinburgh
University of Bristol
University of Warwick
University of Manchester
For so many foreigners entering higher educational institutions the British government has already allocated a sufficient number of comfortable housing. By the way, accommodation for students is considered an excellent investment not only among British, but also foreign developers. The demand for this type of housing in the country is growing every year, as evidenced by statistics provided by the consulting agency Zoopla.

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The main requirement for any dormitory, including a British one, is its maximum proximity to the alma mater. However, today not all students find accommodation in close proximity to the university. They have to rent expensive apartments, which are not always adequate to their budget. Therefore, it is safe to say that investing in the construction of dormitories will be a trend not only in 2020-2021, but also in subsequent years.

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