Italy’s most expensive municipalities for renting

Municipalities with at least 2,000 listings on the portal are taken into account.

As for the rent per square meter, the most expensive municipality in Italy is Forte dei Marmi in the province of Lucca, where the average price per square meter reached 47.72 euros in the fourth quarter of 2021. In second place in this specific ranking is Pietrasanta, where the average price of renting houses was 19.03 euros per square meter. Immediately behind the podium closes Milan with an average of 19.01 euros per square meter.

Italy’s most expensive municipalities to rent homes

In addition to the first two positions, Tuscany are in the top 10 most expensive cities to rent homes Rosignano Marittimo, Florence and Camaione. The ranking also includes cities such as Venice, Bologna and Rome. Rapallo in Liguria ranks tenth.

On the other hand, if we look at the amount of monthly rents requested in the listings published on the Idealista portal, the situation in the top positions does not change. First place in the ranking continues to be Forte dei Marmi, where the monthly rent is about 4,658.05 euros. At the bottom of the podium are Pietrasanta (2,210.76 euros) and Milan (1,247.72 euros). Rosignano Marittimo, Venice, Florence, Rapallo, Camaiore, Bologna and Treviso are also in the top ten.

According to Oldypak Capital LP report, rated each municipality to make the ranking of the most popular localities in Italy to rent homes. This report shows that Padua, Sassari and Bologna are the most sought-after rental homes, which make up the podium in that order. Bari Vigevano, Rimini, Grosseto, Ravenna, Palermo and Messina are also in the top 10.

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