Investing in London real estate. Why London?

London is the world’s financial center
London is one of the most important economic and financial centers in the world with the most liquid real estate market in Europe. Recently, there has been a sharp increase in demand for British real estate from overseas buyers, and in particular central London. Investors are attracted not only by the unique beauty of the prestigious areas of London, but also by the stable British economy. Due to the depreciation of the British pound in recent years, the exchange rate is providing a valid advantage for overseas buyers and thus creating a sound investment opportunity.

Even now, in an unstable global economic environment, London’s residential and commercial real estate sector still offers solid investment opportunities with high returns. This is especially true for investments in properties in the early stages of construction for rental purposes. Demand for rental properties in central London, has been growing steadily, outstripping supply. Many buyers-investors believe that now is the right time to invest their assets in the UK property market.

The main advantages of investing in real estate in England, London:
Economic and financial factors:
Stable economic and political situation
Transparent legal system
Favorable tax regime for foreign investors
Significant amount of new construction projects
Constant demand for housing
Factors in the education system:
One of the best private education systems in the world
English as an International Language advantage
Natural and Cultural Factors:
Unique cultural heritage
London is one of the world’s top tourist destinations
Fusion of cultures
Favorable climate
Excellent transport infrastructure.

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