European Tourism: Restoration Waiting Three Years

Despite the marked increase in the turnover of the tourism sector, the pre-coronavirus level will not be reached until 2024: these are the conclusions of the report of the European Commission on Tourism.

The growth in the number of international flights has accelerated strongly in the summer, thanks to vaccination programs the states decided to remove many restrictions.

According to the organization, by the end of this year the number of tourists arriving in Europe will be on average 60% less than in 2019. At the same time, Greece was the first to open for visitors, at the beginning of the year resolutely took a course on the restoration of tourism, and as a result of its forecast – a decrease of only 19%. On the contrary, in the Czech Republic, where the authorities have long maintained severe restrictions, the loss compared to 2019 was 94%.

The tourism sector does not get tired of emphasizing the importance of vaccination and relevant permissive steps taken by the authorities. However, low immunization rates in Eastern Europe and many other parts of the world can severely slow the industry’s recovery.

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