Nigeria banned foreigners from buying agricultural products directly from farmers.

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The Nigerian government has banned foreigners from buying agricultural products directly from farmers, writes Mary Izuaka on The Federal Executive Council (FEC) has approved a ban on foreigners and their representatives buying agricultural products at the farm gate .   Now only licensed and properly registered local purchasing agents will be able to buy … Read more

Hisense’s marketing campaign in Europe is designed to strengthen the company’s international image.

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The company is expanding internationally, and key areas include localized market research and brand awareness.   The company began as a humble radio product manufacturer in Qingdao, on China’s east coast. Now Hisense is a key player in the electrical appliance and home appliance industry, employing over 80,000 people worldwide.   In the early years, … Read more

Innovative payment methods

Transformation of the checkout area and payment methods is one of the hottest areas of applying advanced technology. There are dozens of variants in use. One of the new formats that has already become commonplace is self-service checkouts. In addition, payment via mobile application is gaining popularity: customers scan and pay for goods themselves using … Read more

How new technologies are changing the retail real estate market

Digital technology has been making its way into retail gradually. A decade ago, pioneers were looked upon with a smile. But the pandemic has changed the balance of power. Consumers have developed a new shopping experience: they’re used to finding products with a click of the mouse, checking their specifications with another swipe, and paying … Read more

Technology trends 2022

Interactive screens. Touch screens, tables, panels provide interaction between the client and the store. Buyer can compare characteristics of several goods, as well as make a choice and payment without the participation of the salesperson. The screen at the entrance to the sales floor helps with navigation, and the screen in the fitting room allows … Read more

European stock markets on Tuesday rose steadily on the financial results of companies

Western European stock markets grew steadily at the end of Tuesday’s trading session, supported by the financial results of European companies. The composite index of the largest companies in the region Stoxx Europe 600 rose by 0.8% to 475.74 points. Germany’s DAX climbed to a six-week high of 1%, while France’s CAC 40 and Britain’s … Read more

European stock markets fall, despite good statistics

Shares of German industrial group ThyssenKrupp are down 5.3% on the news that Swedish activist investor Cevian will sell its 6.9% stake in ThyssenKrupp. Paper in Britain’s Severn Trent, which operates in the water sector, is down 0.5% after the publication of the company’s financial statements. Severn Trent posted a net loss of 180 million … Read more

European stock markets rise despite worries over new Omicron strain

Traders continue to monitor the spread of the new COVID-19 strain detected last week in South Africa. Following a meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday, it was decided to name the new variant “omicron.” The WHO also said that “omicron” is a strain of concern because of the large number of mutations. … Read more

European stock markets were mostly down yesterday, while the Italian market was on the plus side

At the end of yesterday’s trading European stock markets mostly closed in the red zone, except for the Italian one. The composite index of the largest companies in the region Stoxx Europe 600 fell by 0.1% – to 476.91 points. France’s CAC 40 lost 0.2%, Germany’s DAX was down 0.4%, Britain’s FTSE 100 – 0.3% … Read more