Shocking forecasts for 2023, rising debts, Goldman Sachs buying up crypto exchanges

oldypak capital lp Shocking forecasts for 2023, rising debts, Goldman Sachs buying up crypto exchanges

New forecasts and recession scenarios are out in the U.S. – investors are worried about the negative short and long bond spread that always precedes a crisis. Meanwhile, economists are warning of the problem of default, drawing attention to the structure of debt in the U.S. The harbingers of a recession are stirring up the … Read more

President Erdogan urged Turkish citizens to keep their savings in lira

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The Turkish currency has halted its fall after the announcement of emergency government measures. Erdogan assures the population that the lira is trustworthy.   Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, urged the country’s citizens to keep all their savings in lira, assuring that the currency crisis in the country as a whole is under control.   … Read more

The savings of Germans in 2021 reached a new record

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The financial assets of private households in Germany rose last year to a record 7.7 trillion euros. Residents of the country saved on average 15 euros from every hundred earned.   Many German residents continued to save in 2021, resulting in a new record for private savings in the country, dpa reported on Sunday, January … Read more

Activists demand a global tax on the super-rich

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It is estimated that a tax on the super-rich would raise more than €2.5 trillion annually. This money could be used to fight pandemics and poverty, according to a number of international organizations.   A number of international organizations and millionaires have proposed a tax on the super-rich to fight the coronavirus pandemic. “While billions … Read more

EU Announces 150 Billion Euro Investment Program in Africa

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The European Union and African Union summit announced the imminent launch of a new EU investment package designed, among other things, to develop infrastructure in Africa.   The two-day EU-African Union (AU) summit concluded on Friday, February 18, in Brussels, with the adoption of a declaration on a “Joint Vision 2030.” It envisions “a renewed … Read more

Natural disasters in 2021 cost German insurer 1.26 billion euros

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Natural disasters last year cost German insurer Talanx more money than ever before. The company paid out a total of 1.26 billion euros in compensation for damages caused by natural disasters, its head Torsten Leue said Monday, March 14. The most severe were the effects of Hurricane Ida in the United States (361 million euros) … Read more