German industry received fewer orders in April

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According to oldypak lp report in Germany recorded a decline of 0.2 percent in monthly orders. Economists attribute this to weak domestic demand. Against the background of weakening domestic demand German industry got significantly fewer orders in April than expected. Compared to March, the corresponding figure fell by 0.2 percent, the German economy ministry said … Read more

Renaissance in Italy: “Super Mario” turns it into an EU economic engine

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Booming domestic tourism, rapid GDP growth, pragmatism and reforms: former ECB head Mario Draghi has made impressive gains as Italian prime minister in just six months. The current summer tourist season in Italy was a success, although the number of foreign visitors to the country due to anti-epidemic restrictions on entry into the country has … Read more

Eurozone economy bounced higher than forecast

Eurozone economy bounced higher than forecast oldypak lp

The European Commission has improved its economic forecast for this year for the euro zone countries. Brussels speaks of a so-called rebound in production and financial indicators after the crisis caused by the pandemic and quarantine restrictions. Now people are getting back to work with customers and the European Commission estimates that the eurozone economy … Read more

European Tourism: Restoration Waiting Three Years

European Tourism: Restoration Waiting Three Years oldypak lp

Despite the marked increase in the turnover of the tourism sector, the pre-coronavirus level will not be reached until 2024: these are the conclusions of the report of the European Commission on Tourism. The growth in the number of international flights has accelerated strongly in the summer, thanks to vaccination programs the states decided to … Read more

The lira plummeted to a historic low

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Dollar reaches 14.3 lira The Turkish currency collapsed to a historic low again, breaking the 14 lira per dollar mark, trading data showed. At the time of writing the news, the dollar exchange rate reached 14.3 lira (plus 3.3 percent). Experts attribute this to an expected new reduction in the discount rate by the country’s … Read more

Belarus increased exports to Latvia by 92%

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Exports of Belarusian goods to non-CIS countries is growing steadily, despite the fact that the West has initiated sanctions against Minsk. During the first nine months of this year, total exports rose by 36.1%, reports According to the National Statistics Committee, exports of Belarusian goods from January to September 2021 amounted to $28.1 billion … Read more

Euro design to change

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The European Central Bank (ECB) plans to create a new design for euro bills by 2024, according to the website of the organization. The design will change for the first time in 20 years, before that only new anti-counterfeiting features were added to the banknotes. Focus groups which will collect opinions of euro zone residents … Read more

“Gazprom began to offer Europe gas supplies next year

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“Gazprom Export has resumed offering gas supplies to Europe in 2022 through bidding on its electronic platform (ETP) after a one-week break, according to the bidding calendar published by the company. ETP is an additional tool for Gazprom to sell gas to Europe apart from long-term contracts and third-party platforms. The first trading session at … Read more