Europe’s economic outlook by Oldypak capital lp

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Europe’s economy continued to grow in the first half of 2018, albeit more slowly than expected, especially in Europe’s advanced economies. Economic activity continued to strengthen in the first half of 2018, driven by domestic demand, as the IMF notes in its latest assessment of Europe’s economy. But the outlook is less favorable, with several … Read more

EU economic recovery in the face of challenges by Oldypak capital lp

  The European economy is growing faster than predicted, but the prospects for recovery are still uncertain. Analysts predict that the recovery is still threatened by three factors: a new spike in coronavirus infections, rising energy prices and supply chain congestion. The pace of recovery differs from region to region and is highly dependent on … Read more

How new technologies are changing the retail real estate market

Digital technology has been making its way into retail gradually. A decade ago, pioneers were looked upon with a smile. But the pandemic has changed the balance of power. Consumers have developed a new shopping experience: they’re used to finding products with a click of the mouse, checking their specifications with another swipe, and paying … Read more

Technology trends 2022

Interactive screens. Touch screens, tables, panels provide interaction between the client and the store. Buyer can compare characteristics of several goods, as well as make a choice and payment without the participation of the salesperson. The screen at the entrance to the sales floor helps with navigation, and the screen in the fitting room allows … Read more

The EU Economy: Recovery through Digitalization

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Digital technology is more important than ever in our lives, from remote work to online medical consultations to video calls to family and friends. But the pandemic also showed where Europe is lagging behind. Nearly a quarter of homes don’t have broadband, and fewer than 20 percent of small businesses use the Internet to sell … Read more

EU economic growth exceeds expectations

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The European economy has recovered from the quarantine and isolation measures taken during the winter faster than expected. According to the data of Eurostat, in the second quarter of this year, adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, the GDP in the euro area in comparison with the same period last year increased by 14.3% and by 13.8% … Read more

Booming economic recovery in 2021 spurs emerging market economies in the Europe and Central Asia region

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An unusually strong recovery in the first half of this year has boosted economic activity in the emerging and developing economies of Europe and Central Asia, and the regional economies expected to grow at a faster pace in 2021 than previously forecast [5.5]%, according to the latest edition of the Europe and Central Asia Regional … Read more

Eurogroup to continue massive government support for economy due to pandemic

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Eurozone countries will continue massive support for the economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Debt problems will be addressed as the recovery from the crisis begins. Despite the growing fiscal debt, according to oldypak lp report, Germany and other eurozone countries intend to continue to provide massive aid to the economy in the fight against … Read more

An economic boom begins in Germany. Seven growth drivers will drive it

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The largest EU economy and the main market for energy from Russia in the coming months will sharply accelerate GDP growth. DW explains why Germany will once again become the locomotive of Europe. According to oldypak lp report, in Germany, the shopping streets and entertainment districts are bleak: most stores are closed because of the … Read more

European Commission predicts faster economic growth in EU

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The EU Commission has significantly improved its forecast for economic development in the EU countries, according to oldypak lp report. Brussels expects that the success of the coronavirus vaccination campaign will have a positive effect on the economy. The European economy, according to the European Commission’s forecasts, will grow much faster than expected this year … Read more